“Cade Lamp” – August 2016 MAD Product of the Month

The Cade Lamp is a lighting accessory you’ll love for many reasons. We found this piece during our buyer excursion to High Point Market last Fall 2015 and just had to order them. Here’s why.

First of all, it blends with most metals depending on the choice of bulb temperature level. An incandescent warm bulb with a typical yellow tone allows the metallic lamp body to glow in a gold tone while a cool temperature bulb, higher color level of 3200 K and up, reflects more of the silver tones.

Stacy’s desk lamp at Maria Adams Designs studio

Secondly, it offers a sleek, sophisticated, clean and simplified look for nearly any space. The metallic sheen and herringbone design give flare while also blending with existing furnishings. When the light is turned on, the glass-acrylic body and metallic-interior-shade sparkle, adding yet another layer of complexity. In addition, the Cade Lamp is tall enough to provide ample downlight for table top reflection and for reading at night. This delicate looking lamp actually has some heft, which is a good thing. Most lamps sold in discount stores seem to be made of feathers, ready to topple over from unlevel furnishings or a brush from a hand. Because of the glass body and acrylic base, the Cade Lamp is sturdy wherever it sits, making it very unlikely to be involved in an unfortunate accessory accident. The style of the Cade Lamp complements nearly any decor and can be placed on a side table, bedside chest, desk or pair them up to flank each end of a sideboard.

Herringbone Mercury Glass


Acrylic Base


Acrylic Finial

Maria and I were so taken by the beauty of this lamp, that we both have one on our office desks here at Maria Adams Designs studio.  We truly love it and you will too! Check out the specific details below to learn how you can get one or more Cade Lamps shipped directly to you.

~ Stacy


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“Cade Lamp” – Aug 2016 MAD PRODUCT OF THE MONTH

28″ high mercury glass with herringbone design and acrylic base & finial. White silk 10″H x 14″ dia shade with a silver metallic interior.

$289 plus shipping
Contact us with questions or to purchase
Only check or cash accepted.



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