Hello 2018

My 2018 Word of the Year

Happy New Year and Hello to 2018. I am super excited about a fresh start to the new year and super excited about the great things to come this year.

As I reflect on the past and look to the future, this year I have decided to choose a Word of the Year to be instrumental in guiding my decisions and path for the next 12 months. When carefully choosing this Word, I draw inspiration from the past 7 years of where I’ve been and aspire to where I want to go.

I launched my design firm, originally named Interior Design Solutions by Maria, in 2011. To better market myself and my services, I renamed the firm, Maria Adams Designs in 2015. Over the last 7 years, I have tremendously grown professionally and personally. I have attended dozens of seminars, workshops and trade shows to soak up the do’s and don’t’s of the biz. I have attended every High Point Furniture Market, both spring and fall, to see all the new products, check out the latest trends and search out the coolest products. I have learned a great deal about my clients, my projects, my trades and my contractors to know what works and what doesn’t. I have painstakingly learned the hard lessons of finance, how to make money and how not to lose money. I have learned about marketing, advertising, business development, relationship development, legalities, insurances, and many other things that go along with owning a buisness. And although I will never stop learning and growing, I have come to that point in my personal and professional life to go from learning and growing to making my mark.

Make Your Mark

So how does one make it’s mark? I believe making your mark means that you’ve accomplished something significant that not only makes you noticeable but also impacts others in a positive way. With that being said, I have BIG ideas and goals on how I plan to make my mark. I love setting goals and I love even more achieving my goals. I have BIG goals this year, for myself, my family, and my business. And in order to achieve these BIG goals, there are important actions I must take on a daily basis. Therefore, the word I choose this year is……


Discipline will be the back bone of every decision I make and every action I take. Foolishly thinking that I should never turn away a buck and many times ignoring my intuition, I have taken projects that were not profitable, not fun and full of stress. With discipline, I will only take the projects that are inspiring and profitable with enjoyable clients. I have allowed poor time management or someone’s else’s priorities to distract me from important weekly tasks. I’m a good planner, but with discipline I will excel at planning and achieve my duties without interruption.

Discipline goals

My family has always been my priority however, there have been more times than not that I find myself working during family time, because I lost business hours with irrelevant tasks. I will no longer sacrifice my family time. With discipline, I will shut down each day with the satisfaction of knowing that I completed the most important work for the day.

Discipline Done

With discipline, I will also achieve my personal goals. My personal goals are just as big as my business goals. I have spiritual goals, financial goals and health and wellness goals. I’m excited to apply discipline to those goals as well.

Great Year

It’s going to be a great year! What’s your Word and how will you use it to help you achieve your dreams and goals?

Bring it 2018! Let’s do this together!

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