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“My passion is improving one’s quality of life through graceful interiors, inspiring writing and intellectual & spiritual mentoring.”

Maria Adams, Principal Designer

My home and family story…

Relaxing, welcoming and inspiring is how I would describe my home. With a busy career, 2 active boys and 3 energetic dogs, I enjoy a family-friendly home that is simple, natural and pretty.

Since I both live and work in my home, I relish a space that makes me feel good and inspires me to be my best.

I prefer a clean, charming, uncomplicated lifestyle over immaculate perfection. I like beautiful but simple layers of furnishings and decor that make it easy to maintain. And when real life happens (which is everyday), my home is sometimes organized chaos.

Family is my super power. I’m a wife, 17 years & counting, married to my soulmate and best friend, Jon. I’m a mom of 2 wonderful, funny, intelligent, loving boys; Matthew and Christopher. And I’m a fur-momma to 3 spirited Brittany Spaniels; Bella, Braxton and Macie. I maintain close relationships with my immediate and extended family and often host cookouts and holiday events in my home. Although not perfect every day, we support, love and encourage one another. Family is everything to me.

Saved by the Grace of God, I’m a principle-centered Christian and treat others with love, understanding and respect. I often share scriptural and inspirational messages through my online journal and social platforms. “For me and my household, we shall serve the Lord.” John 24:15

My family story and homebody lifestyle are reflected in the setting of my home. And I make every effort to design spaces and homes for others that tell their unique story and lifestyle.

My career story…

I acquired the design bug as a child, playing and building houses out of Legos. Although the Legos we owned were meant for spaceships and monster trucks, I found a way to turn them into magical mansions.
As a senior in high school, I took an interior design course and designed my very first kitchen (on paper). I completely fell in love with interior design when my class took a field trip to a job site under construction. I was memorized by the “glamour” of 2×4 studs, unpainted gypsum boards, plumbing and electrical rough-in. I started to visualize how each room of that condo would look when finished. This newly discovered passion led me to UNC-Greensboro where I studied Housing and Interior Design, graduating with a Bachelor of Science with a second major in Sociology.

During my collegiate years, I worked and interned at several design firms. I gained various experience in interior design from managing a design library, to selling art supplies, to presenting creative design solutions. It was a formable time and certainly has a bearing on how I run my business today. After graduation, I joined the design team at a high-end furniture store in Nashville where I designed homes for many professionals in the music industry. For the sake of client privacy, I won’t reveal names, but let’s just say they are recognizable.

In 2001, I wanted to delve into my other passion of personal and social development, so I shifted my career path. My education in Sociology led to a stimulating career with an educational publishing company that was once owned by Franklin-Covey. Being a big fan of Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this was the perfect role for me to focus on self-development as well as hone and teach social skills. Because of the inherent qualities of the job, I became an expert at time management, business development, goal- setting, expense management, self-motivation, relationship building and teamwork. Ten years of immersion in that career has made me a rock star at Project Management and has become one of my greatest skill sets.

In 2011, with my extensive Interior Design experience and highly-developed business skills, I launched Maria Adams Designs. The past years have been very rewarding, as I have worked with hundreds of clients, accomplished prestigious awards, participated in many Showhouses and have been featured in local, regional and national print and news media.

With a primary focus on lifestyle design, I thrive on helping homeowners design, build and create havens that reflect their unique stories. It’s a blessing everyday to work with wonderful clients, while growing a lasting relationship, and transforming houses into homes that enhance one’s quality of life.


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