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Front Porch Staging Tips & Tricks

Use front page staging properly and sale your home faster. It’s been proven that a beautifully staged home will attract more buyers and help you sell your house faster. When the market is sluggish, you want to put your best foot forward to attract the right buyer. When the market is hot, you want to put your best foot forward to win over the other houses on the market. Here are 5 key rooms to stage when putting your house on the real estate market.

  1. Front Porch
  2. Foyer
  3. Family Room
  4. Kitchen
  5. Master Bedroom/Bath
Front Porch Staging a property for sale

Welcoming & Attractive Front Porch

Today, we’re going to talk Front Porch Staging. To make a great first impression, spend time making your exterior entry welcoming and attractive. The front porch says a lot about the house and the people that once dwelled in the home. If it’s well kept, nicely decorated and has welcoming features, buyers will perceive that the rest of the house is the same. Here are 4 quick tips to make your front porch as irresistible as the rest of the house.

Front Porch Staging Tip #1. Repair and Repaint before attempting to stage the Front Porch.

Thoroughly check your brick, stone, wood, glass and repair anything that is not completely up to par. Give the door, wood posts, and siding a new coat of paint if it’s peeling or cracking. Check your door bell to make sure the button is not broken and that it works properly. (You’d be surprised how many houses I visit that have broken door bell buttons)


Freshly painted columns, door and shutters



Front Porch Staging Tip #2. Light and Numbers

Change out the exterior light fixture if it’s older than 5 years. A brand new light fixture will make it seem that interior fixtures are new too. Update the house numbers so that they are new and clearly visible.

Front Porch Staging Tip: Clearly Visible House Numbers

Clearly Visible House Numbers



Front Porch Staging Tip #3. Furnishings and Accessories

If you have room on the porch, add a bench or small chair. Place a decorative pillow on the bench/chair and put a pretty welcome mat in front of the door. If there is wall space, hang outdoor metal artwork.

Furniture, Rugs and Decor for Front Porch Staging

Front Porch Furnishings, Rugs and Decor



Front Porch Staging Tip #4. Plants that pop

Potted plants are must! Flowers and greenery always make people smile. Use plants that will keep for many months with minimal upkeep. For the best results, use evergreens with seasonal annuals.

Gorgeous Potted Plants

Gorgeous Potted Plants


Stay tuned….next month we will discuss the best way to stage your foyer.

Happy staging….


Maria is a contributing writer to the NW Observer Real Estate edition. This blog was published in the November 20-26, 2015 edition. Read the entire edition here:  NW Observer

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