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“Everyone is deserving of a well-dressed home to greet them when they walk in the door.”

Stacy Hall

Stacy Hall, Chief Operations Officer

Stacy Hall is an industrious entrepreneur. She is co-owner of Adams-Hall, Inc dba Maria Adams Designs. Stacy’s primary role as Chief Operations Officer includes managing the high-level operations of the firm, creative director for marketing and head of finance. Stacy’s natural talent for design also has her assisting Maria on many design projects. Stacy’s strongest design talent lies in styling and accessorizing. And as a savvy style-spotter, Stacy has the unique ability to hunt down fabulous furnishings and decor.


Stacy has an interior design and art design concentrated education from UNC-Greensboro as well as architectural technology and computer aided design from Guilford Tech. Stacy comes well equipped to assist Maria with client projects when not working on corporate, financial and graphic design marketing for the firm.  Her past employment that helped shape her position include manual drafting and project planning internship with a residential architect, CAD drafting/design for a commercial concrete engineer, social media marketing for a builder and interior designer, freelance marketing for a utilities company, bookkeeping/directorial assistance for a preschool academy and numerous volunteer clerical assignments for an elementary school.


From a very young age, Stacy had the interior decorating bug. As a child, she drafted her bedroom on paper, then redesigned her room often. At the age of 10 years old, Stacy initiated a mother/daughter tradition of attending speciality house tours and visiting Parade of Homes throughout the year with her mother, a full time bookkeeper and traditional furniture collector. Growing up, Stacy spent many weekends in the basement workshop helping her father, who was a full-time electrical draftsman/designer for General Electric, design & build furniture for the home to sell to acquaintances. At this point in her life is where Stacy learned the valuable skills of basic carpentry, observation and attention to detail. Since both parents left such an impression on Stacy at an early age, she developed a great appreciation and love for traditional design and furnishings. Stacy was initially drawn to traditional decor. However, in recent years, her tastes have evolved and she has craved a more modern design because of the clean lines and sheer function of pieces. Stacy views modern design as dressed with uniqueness with a slight traditional flare. This belief basis made for great pairing with Maria Adams, who’s signature style is classic-modern design.


A clean, clear, organized decor makes for a peaceful mind. Keeping surfaces minimally dressed (with only loved and beautiful items) and open for life’s duties (for example an open, cleared island for completing homework, folding laundry, enjoying an afternoon snack etc), helps relieve stress so one can tackle the day quickly.

She feels you should invest in quality pieces that make you smile, feel special and at peace. Personally, she never saves her fine serving pieces/furnishings for company. She chooses to use high quality items in her home that coordinate but do not match (ie: a collection), so that when the whim hits (or if something breaks) the decor can easily evolve when her tastes change and grow as they do with everyone. This approach also alleviates the feeling of being trapped to a particular look and let’s her be free to explore new, unique designs that are fresh on the market.


Stacy lives in Oak Ridge, NC with her two children and husband. She raised her son and daughter to take care of the fine items in the home so that they develop a sense of respect for the value of furniture investments and in turn, as they age, learn to respect other’s possessions as well.
She feels quite connected to her town and is deeply concerned about building a strong community. To help local event organizers and small businesses develop a strong connection to the residents of Oak Ridge and the surrounding towns, she frequently shares upcoming events and unique spotlights of local businesses on her ‘Around the Ridge‘ Facebook page.


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