One Room Challenge Master Bathroom Week One

Here we go….One Room Challenge!! I’ve followed along with featured designers for several seasons watching as they transform their personal abodes for the ORC. And I’ve often thought, I’d like to do that. So this year, I decided to participate as a guest. What is the One Room Challenge, you ask? In their own words, “The One Room challenge™ will provide participants with a supportive, enthusiastic forum in which to share the process of transforming a room. The ORC is not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas.” Click the ORC logo to learn more.

So what room shall I design? Well, it’s an easy decision. We (hubby and I) have been living with a dated, dysfunctional, downright ugly master bathroom for nearly a decade. A decade people. You know what they say about the shoemaker, right? Well, that goes for designers too. We never have time to design our own homes. And when we do, we tend to leave the master suite to last. I see it happen all the time with my clients.

Well, this year, I decided I had enough. Enough of ugly pink marble tile, and an even uglier pink cultured-marble countertop. Done with unattractive shiny brass. So over the overly-sized shower that doesn’t even drain properly. Saying goodbye to 2 sinks. That’s right, we are a 1-sink family and I’ll tell you why in a future post. Asta la vista to hideous light fixtures and a broken vent fan. And adios to the purple toilet. You heard that right…..Purple.Toilet. WTH? Check out these before photos and you’ll agree with me that it’s definitely time for a serious remodel. You can click the photos to make it larger….if you dare.

This is the space after DEMO. Absolutely thrilled to see the ugly gone!! For you DIYers, here’s a few tips when doing demo. 1. Remove everything from your cabinets, shower area and walls. Purge, purge, purge. 2. Rent a dumpster because it saves time and money. 3. Make sure you have the proper tools for various demo tasks. 4. Block out the doorway/opening to the space with heavy-duty plastic so that demo dust doesn’t spread everywhere. And 5. Most importantly, turn off the water at the main cutoff before you pull the plumbing out.

Here’s the schedule for the next 6 weeks.

Week 1: Before photos and Demo Day

Week 2: Design Plan and All the Pretties

Week 3: Building a Wall and Electrical/Plumbing Rough-in

Week 4: Tile and Countertop Installation

Week 5: Paint, paint and paint some more

Week 6: Final Reveal

Hope you return to see the progress of this bathroom remodel. It’s going to be epic.



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